ASTM WK60866

    Revision of D3161 / D3161M - 16a Standard Test Method for Wind-Resistance of Steep Slope Roofing Products (Fan-Induced Method)

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    Active Standard: D3161 / D3161M - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: D08.02 | Committee D08 | Contact Staff Manager



    asphalt shingles; clay tiles; concrete tiles; fan-induced winds; fiber-cement shingles; interlockings; metal shingles; photovoltaic shingles; polymer-based shingles; rigidities; roofings; sealants; steep slope roofing products; tabs; wind resistance;;


    Although the conditioning temperature of the cell or room used for conditioning is recorded a suggestion to actually know the conditioning temperature at the surface of the test panel and the sample being tested is not measured and recorded. It is important to know whether the conditioning temperature on the panels and product being conditioned are the same as the cell or room. This proposal for addition to D3161 is to ensure that condition is being met.sample temperature at conditioning relates to the temperature at the conditioning cell or room.

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    Robert Metz


    D08 (18-05)

    Ballot Item Approved as D3161/D3161M-2019 and Pending Publication