ASTM WK60586

    Revision of D1165 - 13 Standard Nomenclature of Commercial Hardwoods and Softwoods

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    Active Standard: D1165 - 18

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    commercial species; domestic hardwoods; domestic softwoods; tree;


    The revisions are 1). to bring consistency between ASTM D1165 and the species/species groups in lumber grading rules books of North American lumber agencies and AWCs NDS Supplement. 2). The scientific communitys consensus supports a genus change to Cedar The proposed change adds Cupressus to the Botanical Name for Cedar and keep Chamaecyparis in brackets to show the history. 3). The addition of three hardwood species names to the softwood species group Northern Species is proposed to make consistency with the NLGA lumber grading rules. An added sentence is proposed to Section 3.5 to reflect that.

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    Kevin C Cheung


    D07 (18-01)

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