ASTM WK60202

    New Guide for Homogeneity of Reference Materials for Inter- and Intra-Laboratory Studies

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    1. Scope

    The information contained in this guide is applicable to test samples used for studies of testing performed by multiple laboratories or of testing performed within a single laboratory. The purposes for which the samples are used may include proficiency testing programs, studies for determining the precision of test methods, and activities related to quality assurance. The standard includes (1)a description of general practices and standards of care to be used during the sample production/manufacturing process to minimize differences between samples; (2)an explanation of statistical techniques for evaluating the homogeneity of the test samples to determine suitability for purpose; and (3)an appendix to provide examples


    reference material; homogeneity; uniformity; precision; proficiency

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Ronald Holsinger


    E11 (21-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as E3264-2021 and Pending Publication