ASTM WK60085

    Revision of A1039 / A1039M - 13 Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, Hot Rolled, Carbon, Commercial, Structural, and High-Strength Low-Alloy, Produced by Twin-Roll Casting Process

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    Active Standard: A1039 / A1039M - 20

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    as-cast sheet; carbon steel sheet; commercial steel; high-strength low-alloy steel; hot rolled steel sheet; steel sheet; structural steel;


    (1) Since the last revision the twin rolling process has developed and is currently producing grade 100 (690) class 1 and class 2 material. Table 1, chemical requirements, and 5, mechanical requirements need to have these two products added. (2) The current revision of table 5 incorrectly lists grade 80 class 1 having a min tensile value of 90 ksi, 620 MPa. This was an oversight and is only appropriate for HSLA class 2. The correction should list the tensile value of HSLA class 1 at 95 ksi, 655 MPa.(3)Table X2.1 Suggested Minimum Inside Radius for Cold Bending also needs to have grade 100 added.

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