ASTM WK59624

    Revision of F3125 / F3125M - 15a Standard Specification for High Strength Structural Bolts, Steel and Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, 120 ksi (830 MPa) and 150 ksi (1040 MPa) Minimum Tensile Strength, Inch and Metric Dimensions

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    Active Standard: F3125 / F3125M - 19e2

    Developed by Subcommittee: F16.02 | Committee F16 | Contact Staff Manager



    alloy steel; alternate design fasteners; bolts; carbon steel; fasteners; heavy hex bolt; inch; metric; spline end; steel; structural; structural bolts; tension control bolt; twist-off bolt; weathering steel;;


    Improvements/Updates and corrections Rationale: Title list inch then metric for readability, added Assemblies. Added Table 1 Classification, former standard had table with no designation. Footnote E Table 2(formerly Table 1) change to overtap allowance. Footnote A Table 2(formerly Table 1) clarification on Full Thread T / S Special Thread language. 11.1.4 Full size removed before assemblies. Note 3 added clarification of freely assemble. Table 6(formerly Table 5) converting to ksi to remain consistent throughout. Table 7(formerly Table 6) combine, simplify, and added min hardness for all 120 ksi & 150 ksi. Table 3(former Table 2) added note A for material clarification, and max boron for all grades, and clarification for what is required. 6.2 removed alloy steel is. 6.3 added A&B composition and clarity to corrosion index reference, and to be specific to what is required. To clarify rotational capacity requirement added 8.1.5 Rotation! al Capacity Testing as well as subsequently removing Note A under table 4(formerly Table 3), Supplement S4 updated to remain consistent. Permitted coatings Annex A1 Revisions, separated tables for readability and clarifications on Permitted, Approved and Qualified Coatings, added Commonly Applied to 120ksi table added F3019 under Zn/Al coatings. A2 Rotational Capacity, clarifications to table headers, added assemblies

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    F16 (18-03)

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