ASTM WK59450

    New Practice for Asset Management Career Development and Training

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    1. Scope

    1. Scope 1.1 This practice covers the creation of a set of guiding principles to be used when establishing a formal training and development program for professional employees engaged in the practice of asset management. 1.2 This practice sets forth the consensus of the asset management profession with regard to the requirements for an Asset Management Career Development (AMCD) program. 1.3 The acceptance of this practice by the profession has the potential to encourage a broader and higher level of thinking by its practitioners, reinforce the use of innovative and cost-effective practices, create greater commonality between government and industry practices, and increase the ability of entities to respond to changing needs and business conditions. 1.4 The AMCD program establishes the recommended education, training, and experience requisites necessary for asset management activities to adequately support the missions and objectives of an entities asset management operations. 1.5 The AMCD program is predicated on multiple levels of professional certification based on a combination of academic training and professional experience. 1.6 It is the responsibility of each entity that adopts this standard to confirm the appropriateness of any specific training offering. 1.7 This standard encourages a broad continuous self-study practice for those within the profession as applicable knowledge and lessons learned are disseminate continuously from multiple sources.


    asset management; certification; development; education; experience; knowledge; learning


    Since ISO 55000 recommends developing competency and training in asset management, this standard will provide entities that use this standard with a common framework in the development of a career path for asset management professionals

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