ASTM WK58863

    Revision of E193 - 94(2010) Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Micropipets

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    Active Standard: E193 - 94(2017)

    Developed by Subcommittee: E41.01 | Committee E41 | Contact Staff Manager



    glass; micropipets; Laboratory apparatus--specifications; Micropipets; Pipets (laboratory)--specifications;


    Following the discussion from the E41.01 sub-committee, the negative vote from George Rodrigues (explanation below) was found to be persuasive. We should discuss adding a reference in E193 to E1154 for pipets with a capacity of less than 100 microliters. Section 8 E193 Technical: The tolerances given in Figure 6 are very tight at the small end. Example, 5 microliters, plus/minus 0.5%, is 25 nanoliters. This seems to be based on the tolerance calculation formula in E694. However this tolerance ignores any lack of repeatability in the amount of liquid remaining around the immersed end of the pipette. E193 Technical: How to test these little dickens anyway? E193 references E1157 for testing. E1157 references E542. However E542 states Not recommended below 0.1 cubic cm, (i.e., 100 microliters). General E193 Editorial: Several Tables are labeled as Figures. When revised, Figures and Tables should be re-labeled and re-numbered.

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