ASTM WK58683

    New Specification for for Flame Mitigation Devices on Portable Fuel Containers

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    1. Scope

    This standard describes specifications and four test methods to determine the effectiveness, fuel flow resistance, and mechanical and chemical durability of a flame mitigation device installed in a portable gasoline fuel container. The first test method establishes whether the flame mitigation device can effectively and repeatedly prevent flame propagation into a flammable butane-air mixture inside the container. The butane-air mixture is a controlled and repeatable proxy for the more variable gasoline fuel vapor-air mixture in the container. The second test method establishes whether the flame mitigation device significantly reduces flow rates of gasoline fuel into and out of the portable container. The third test establishes the mechanical durability of the flame mitigation device when is established by subjected to repeated insertions and removal of a gasoline refueling spout. The fourth test establishes the chemical compatibility of the flame mitigation device upon is established by prolonged exposure to a standard CE-10 15a and CE85a gasoline fuel formulations. The results of this these tests are intended to be used in conjunction with specifications in ASTM F 852 and other referenced portable container standards from listing organizations to evaluate the suitability of a portable fuel container for consumer use.


    Flame arrestor, mitigation device
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