ASTM WK58430

    Revision of C1629 / C1629M - 15 Standard Classification for Abuse-Resistant Nondecorated Interior Gypsum Panel Products and Fiber-Reinforced Cement Panels

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    Active Standard: C1629 / C1629M - 15

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    1. Rationale

    This ballot item is intended to bring the soft body test method into this document to refine it and break away from the reference to E695. There have been complaints from test labs about referencing E695 because some of the refinements in C1629 can conflict with E695 wording, and it gets confusion over how the test is supposed to be run. This is the first time it has been balloted, although it has gone through several iterations at task group meetings over the last several years. It is by no means perfect, for instance it needs a lot of work to bring the metric equivalents into it. However, it would be good for the subcommittee to focus on what is being deleted from the current C1629 and its replacement in Annex A2 for the soft body impact test. For this subcommittee ballot item, I have left the Terminology section in the ballot as it is referenced by the new Annex. I have NOT underlined the entire new Annex section, as it is ALL new and I felt it would be less cumbersome to review without any underlines included. Instead, I have attempted to add the Annex in a different color text, but I dont know how this will come out in the actual ballot. The task group looks forward to your feedback and hopes to get some constructive comments to help with this process. In the process of reviewing C1629 and modifying the Soft Body Impact Test Method, and the creation of a new Annex section for the Soft Body test, it was noted that the Hard Body test method in Annex A1 needs some updating and modifications. This ballot item contains the modifications discussed at the task group meetings and I have included the entire Annex for review. This has not been previously balloted.


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