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    New Guide for Standard Practice/Guide for Facial Recognition Systems: Guidelines for Postmortem Facial Image Capture

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    1. Scope

    The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for capturing postmortem facial images of human remains in controlled (e.g., morgue) and semi-controlled (e.g., field) settings to facilitate automated FR searches or manual facial comparisons that may contribute to forensic investigations.


    Facial Recognition:Medical Examiners or Coroners :


    FR searches can assist in generating potential candidates and investigative leads for the identification of unidentified remains or connecting decedents to image galleries, but in order for the FR systems to operate properly, the images submitted must meet meet certain criteria. This document provides an overview of the optimal processes and techniques for the capture of postmortem facial images of human remains in order to maximize their utility in automated FR searches and manual facial image comparisons. This document is intended to supplement forensic autopsy performance standards that Medical Examiners and Coroners (ME/C) must meet for accreditation (e.g., NAME 2014) and/or internal agency policies) for proper postmortem examination procedures in the United States.

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