ASTM WK55885

    New Practice for Seismic Risk Assessment of Real Estate Portfolios

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    1. Scope

    Real estate portfolios for mortgage lenders and property owners often include many properties distributed across many regions or multiple states. Seismic risk assessment for a group of real estate properties (a portfolio) differs from PML investigations for a single building (as treated in ASTM E2026 and E2557). The geographical diversification of the portfolio is a fundamental characteristic that differentiates it from the investigation of a single site. Proper treatment of the complex variables associated with seismic risk assessments at multi-property Portfolios requires a new, separate standard, with an appropriate stakeholder focus, and a more complex computational approach more consistent with (probabilistic) earthquake insurance models, but accommodating structural engineering input. As such, this proposed scope for seismic risk assessments of multi-property Portfolios will generally resemble the scope used for the single building standard (ASTM E2026), however with materially different multi-property components within the same framework.


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    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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