ASTM WK54978

    Revision of F2291 - 15 Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices

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    Active Standard: F2291 - 17

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    1. Rationale

    The current Section essentially contains two components: (1) a statement that the acceleration limits of Section 7 apply only to rides that accommodate patrons above 48 inches in height and (2) a requirement that exceeding those limits for patrons under 48 inches in height requires a biodynamic review. However, Section 7.1.1 already sets forth the general requirement that all rides must operate within the specified limits. Therefore, the subset of rides limited to 48 inches and above is already covered by the all rides requirement in 7.1.1. Similarly, the second operative portion of (requiring a biodynamic review if a ride that accommodates patrons under 48 inches and exceeds the limits) is covered by Section 7.1.2. Section 7.1.2 requires that exceeding the specified limits necessitates a biodynamic review, irrespective of patron height. That section (7.1.2) also applies to all rides. Thus, the second component of does not create any additional requirement above that already required by 7.1.2 and is, therefore, unnecessary. As noted above, is no different than the requirements of 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 which require biodynamic review for exceeding the limits in all cases, not just those that accommodate patrons under 48 inches. However, it is acknowledged that designers / engineers may wish to de-rate acceleration limits for rides that accommodate shorter guests (typically children). This proposal removes the ambiguous statement on the acceleration limits while continuing to mandate that in evaluating these acceleration limits for patrons under 48 inches, an explicit assessment of the biodynamic effects must be performed. In addition, the section references non-mandatory guidance on industry practice included in an appendix to be balloted in a companion ballot.


    acceleration limits; amusement ride or devices; anti-rollback devices; chain; clearance envelope; containment; control systems; design; electrical; emergency safety device; fasteners; fatigue; fencing; guardrails; hydraulics; impact factor; loads and strengths; mechanical systems; operational hours; pneumatics; restraints; ride analysis; welding; wire rope;;
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