ASTM WK54883

    New Practice for Watertight Rehabilitation of a Sewer Service Lateral and Its Connection to the Main Using a One Piece Main and Lateral Cured-in-Place Liner without the use of a Cleanout.

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    1. Scope

    A practice for the rehabilitation of a sewer service lateral and its connection to the main using a one piece main and lateral cured in place liner without a cleanout. The installation of molded gaskets for water-tightness will be included. Also cleaning, CCTV, and measurement methods for length and diameter, including pipe diameter of transitions, when lateral cleanouts dont exist or arent accessible.


    Long Term Rehabilitation:Compression gasket:Homeowner notification:Blind Shot:Remote cleaning a lateral from the main pipe:Remote inspecting a lateral from the main pipe:Remote measuring a lateral from the main pipe:No cleanout :No lateral access upstream of the main connection:Gasket Sealing Technology:


    Industry is lacking a proper standard to insure a quality installed liner that has long term water-tight capabilities when a clean out doesnt exist or is not accessible. Without a clean out there are several different aspects of the process that need to be included in a standard such as, pipe preparation, measuring, hazard protection for building occupants, and robotic liner alignment. Engineers and government agencies will use the standard as part of their bid documents for rehabilitation projects. The standard will be used to insure high quality installations; homeowners are protected from hazards, and assurance of water-tightness for connection rehabilitation.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    F17.67 (17-06)

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