Revision of D4956 - 01a Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control

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    Active Standard: D4956 - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: D04.38 | Committee D04 | Contact Staff Manager



    barricades; delineators; highway signing; reboundable sheeting; retroreflective sheeting; traffic control;


    Our last Subcommittee Ballot D04.38 (03-04) on this subject generated a number of negatives. These were discussed at subsequent Virtual Meetings and at the June 2004 Task Group Meeting in Kansas City. As a result of these discussions, the item has been modified and is now presented again for Subcommittee Ballot. The latest version creates a new section (Section 9 – in accordance with the guide for standard form and style) in ASTM D 4956 to provide instructions for sampling and changes in Section 7 describing assessment of conformance. The sampling described in the new section applies to lots, sheets or rolls of material. For coefficient of retroreflection 3 samples are called for and, as in the past, the average of the coefficients measured on the samples is compared to the minimum requirements in various tables. This requirement is now explicit in section 7.3 rather than incorporated only by reference to Test Method E 810. In addition, a new requirement is added which requires that all samples be at least 80% of the minimum requirement. No change is made to the sampling or conformance requirements for weathered samples or any other test requirements – but the sampling procedures and explanatory notes are included for further guidance.

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