ASTM WK53830

    Withdrawal of D4492-10 With Replacement D7504-15e1 Standard Test Method for Trace Impurities in Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Gas Chromatography and Effective Carbon Number

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    Active Standard: D4492 - 10

    Developed by Subcommittee: D16.01 | Committee D16 | Contact Staff Manager


    D4492 is an internal standard method for determining benzene purity. This method requires more labor than D7504. The variability of D7504 appears to be better than D4492 which is probably the result of elimination of the addition of the internal standard and the calibration of the response factors. Since D7504 is easier and appears to provide more consistent results D4492 is to be withdrawn with replacement by D7504. D4492 is also overdue for revision/review.


    benzene; gas chromatography; purity; Impurities--organic compounds; Nonaromatic impurities; Purity analysis--paints/related coatings/materials; Trace elements--paints/related coatings/materials; Benzene--paints/related coatings/materials; Gas chromatography (GC)--paints/related coatings/materials;
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