ASTM WK53540

    Revision of F2623 - 14 Standard Specification for Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) SDR 9 Tubing

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    Active Standard: F2623 - 14

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    1. Rationale

    There are eight hot- and cold- potable water, thermoplastic piping standards within F17. Within these standards the excess temperature requirements vary from, no requirement to a 720 hr requirement at 210F and 150 psig. This project is part of several with the objective of harmonizing excess temperature requirements among the various ASTM and CSA hot- and cold- potable water thermoplastic piping standards. As part of this harmonization effort, revisions will be made to the following ASTM standards; D2846 (CPVC); F2389 (PP); F2623 & F2769 (PE-RT). F2623 does not have this requirement and most in the industry do agree that this test requirement brings confidence in such products in the marketplace. There were several negatives submitted on this and associated projects to introduce similar change other tubing standards. Most comments have been from the PEX industry that they do not want to see a change to the PEX standards so in accordance with their point of view, I will drop the projects associated with PEX tubing. Thus, in order to continue in my attempts to harmonize all such ASTM specifications, in addition to the CSA equivalents of these standards all of which already contain a 48h requirement, I am now balloting a 48h, 210F (99C), 150 psig (1034kPa) requirement as shown in the below redline/strikeout ballot. This very aggressive 48h / 210F / 150psig requirement is the same as in all related CSA standards, and thus these ballots, once completed, will harmonize all CSA and ASTM standards in this application. For this reason, I am balloting the addition of an excess temperature requirement in F2623 as shown in the following redline/strikeout format ballot. Your affirmative ballot on this harmonization project will be greatly appreciated.


    hydronic heating; hydrostatic stress; irrigation; PE-RT; pipe; plastic pipe; polyethylene of raised temperature; PPI; pressure; radiant heating; tubing;;
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