ASTM WK51496

    Revision of E2691 - 11 Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement

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    Active Standard: E2691 - 16

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    This appendix gives an instructional guideline of how to enhance Job Productivity Measurements capability of identifying and reporting productivity variation, and its causes during project progress. By making the root causes of common cause variation visible, the user of JPM is able to reduce variation in job productivity. The process outlined in this appendix captures daily small and insignificant work-flow stoppages, which are known to the workers at the point of installation. Due to its small impact on the project productivity variation, each individual common cause of variation cannot be investigated unless the cumulative impact is measured. To avoid having the common causes of variation become special causes, their cumulative impact on the project has to be measured, tracked and subsequently acted upon by the supervisory people. These results are compared with the JPM reporting on a regular basis to review common and special cause variation simultaneously.

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