ASTM WK50036

    New Guide for Operation of Hayride Attractions

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    1. Scope

    1. Scope 1.1 The purpose of this practice is to delineate requirements regarding the operation of hayride attractions with the primary purpose of entertainment, recreation or agritourism. 1.2 This standard applies to hayride attractions used primarily in entertainment, recreational or agritourism applications. Such applications include but are not limited to family entertainment centers, camps, shopping centers, malls, seasonal attractions, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, farms, tree farms, temporary special events, fairs, carnivals and municipal parks. 1.3 This practice establishes guidelines that will provide a level of conformity for the purpose of reducing potential hazards to patrons, attendants, actors and spectators. 1.4 This standard does not purport to address all of the hazards associated with hayride attractions. The standards existence alone will not prevent injuries. Like other physical activities, hayride attraction use involves the risk of injury, particularly if the equipment is used improperly or if users fail to follow the posted rules or fail to follow attendants instructions. 4. Significance and Use 4.1 This practice is intended to provide consistent criteria, references and operational considerations in the specifications, management and construction of hayride attractions. 4.2 This practice is intended to be taken into consideration by architects, designers, engineers, construction contractors, manufacturers, appropriate inspectors, owners and operators who are involved with the design, construction, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection or major modification of hayride attractions. 4.3 This practice does apply to hayride attractions commonly referred to as a hayride. 4.4 This practice does apply to hayride attractions used as an element or in combination with another hayride attraction, corn maze, zombie walk, paintball game, tree harvesting farm, seasonal attraction, haunted house, haunted attraction, fair, exposition or agritourism event. 4.5 This practice does apply to hayride attractions used primarily in off road applications, fixed courses or designated areas. 4.6 This practice does not apply to hayrides attractions designed exclusively for private home use. 4.7 This practice does not apply to trackless trains or barrel trains powered by modified lawn tractors. 4.8 This practice does not apply to horse-drawn carriages/wagons/trailers. 4.9 This practice does not apply to trams where the passenger carriers have an operational braking system and the tram is used exclusively for the transportation of persons to and from parking lots located in amusement parks, theme parks or water parks. 4.10 This practice does not apply to amusement rides or attractions where the carriers are guided by a rail or track system. 4.11 This practice does not apply to parade floats.


    hayride; hayride attraction; haunted hayride; haunted attraction; tractor; tow vehicle; agriculture; wagon; trailer; wagon/trailer; agritourism; pumpkin patch; farm; actor; family entertainment center; inspection; maintenance; operation; paintball; recreational equipment


    This standard will bring a level of conformity to Hayride Attraction Operations. It is anticipated the standard will be adopted by manufactures, loss control, insurance underwriters and regulatory bodies. The primary users will likely be manufacturers operators, insurance companies, inspectors and regulatory officials.

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