ASTM WK50028

    New Practice for Specimen Preparation and Mounting of Plastic Pipe and Tubing, Materials and Assemblies for Building Applications to Assess Surface Burning Characteristics

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    1. Scope

    The purpose of this new mounting method is to provide a standardized mounting procedure for plastic pipe and tubing and associated products and materials for testing according the ASTM E84. Different versions of draft practices to develop this mounting method have been balloted numerous times over the past 6 or more years without reaching consensus. However, during 2013 and 2014 this draft practice has benefited from inputs by ASTM voters. Recently, a new ANSI/UL Standard, UL 2846 Fire Test of Plastic Water Distribution Plumbing Pipe for Flame and Smoke Characteristics was approved which addresses a major sub set of the pipe and tubing products and assemblies that would otherwise be covered by the currently proposed mounting methods. It is believed that the new ANSI/UL 2846 standard can be applied to the majority of the cases where plastic pipe and tubing are used for potable water plumbing, and satisfy the needs of the regulatory community. In the short time being published, UL2846 has already been applied for listing purposes to plastic tubing wrapped in listed insulating materials, and it is believed that this method can also be applied to uses such as for hydronic heating and cooling pipe and tubing which require (listed) thermal insulations to function effectively. Plans are underway to expand the scope of this Standard to also address hydronic applications. Please note that UL 2846 prohibits testing plastic pipe or tube with water or other liquid present in the pipe during testing. Consistent with the preceding, changes to the current UL 2846 scope to address these issues as well as adding UL 2846 to the list of referenced test methods using the E-84 tunnel are being moved forward. Likewise, the model mechanical and plumbing codes have entered a new development cycle necessitating that consideration of changes to E-84 and subsidiary documents be given. This new proposed draft, commonly referred to as a compromise proposal, as discussed at the ASTM E5.22 Subcommittee meeting held in December, 2014 in New Orleans, includes the reference to UL2846, incorporates key elements from both of the past Work Item proposals (WK37193 and WK44535) , and addresses as many of the past negatives and discussions as feasible.


    fire, fire test, flame spread, smoke developed, tunnel, plastic pipe, pipe, tubing

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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