ASTM WK48490

    New Guide for Improved Laboratory Accelerated Tests to Predict the Weathering and for Developing Methods to Predict the Design Life of Building Sealant Systems

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This guide describes the steps for developing laboratory accelerated tests for assessing the weathering effects on building sealants systems and developing methods for design life prediction of the systems. 1.2 This guide outlines a systematic approach to development of laboratory accelerated tests of building sealant systems including the identification of needed information, the development of accelerated tests, the application of data, and the reporting of results.


    service life prediction; sealant; method


    It is difficult to develop accelerated aging tests for use in predicting long-term in-service performance for the following reasons: the degradation mechanisms of sealants are complex and seldom well understood and the external factors that affect performance are numerous and difficult to quantify, so that many existing accelerated procedures do not include all factors of importance and those included seldom relate quantitatively to in-service exposure. Despite their shortcomings, these tests are used to provide needed durability or service life data. This practice should be useful to standards-setting groups and others who develop predictive service life tests that include accelerated aging tests.

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