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    Revision of C953 - 10 Standard Test Method for Time of Setting of Grouts for Preplaced-Aggregate Concrete in the Laboratory

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    Active Standard: C953 - 10

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    1. Rationale

    Currently C953 states 10. Precision and Bias 10.1 PrecisionWhen data have been compiled that are suitable for use in preparing a precision statement, such statement will be prepared. A standard ASTM C1708 is very similar to C953 and it is suggested to either a.Harmonize language with C1708 except as modified below or b.Alternatively reference C1708 in applicable documents and withdraw standard C953 as C1708 has both P&B: 9.2 Setting Time 9.2.1 ScopeThis method covers the determination of the time of initial setting and time of final setting of self-leveling mortars using the Vicat apparatus. Either procedure A or B as defined in Test Method C191 is acceptable. 9.2.2 Significance and UseThis test method determines the setting time of grout for preplaced-aggregate concrete mixed to the normal placement consistency as defined in 7.1. Special precautions are taken to ensure a proper seal around the Vicat ring. 9.2.3 ApparatusVicat Apparatus, in accordance with Test Method C191. 9.2.4 Test SampleThe test sample shall consist of at least 300 mL of grout for preplaced-aggregate concrete taken from a freshly-mixed batch prepared in accordance with 7.2. 9.2.5 Procedure: Seal the Vicat ring to the base plate in one of the following ways: (1) Sealing wax method: Warm the Vicat conical ring and base plate to approximately 100 C [212 F]. Apply a thin film of paraffin wax to the base of the conical ring and place the waxed conical ring on the base plate. Place a weight on the conical ring to ensure intimate contact with the base plate and allow the conical ring and plate to cool to room temperature. (2) Lubricant method: Use silicone high-vacuum grease or other suitable method of sealing the ring to the glass plate so that no bleed water escapes at the bottom of the ring. Fill the conical ring apparatus with freshly mixed grout for preplaced-aggregate concrete flush with its top within 2 min after completion of mixing. Strike off flush with the top of the conical ring by a single oblique stroke of a margin trowel held at a slight angle to the top of the ring. Smooth the top, if necessary, with a few light touches of the trowel. Take care not to compress the specimen during these cutting and smoothing operations. Store the specimen in the moist room. Determine the time of initial setting and the time of final setting using the procedure described in Test Method C191 except that the first reading shall be taken approximately 3 h 15 min after pouring the specimen and the needle wiped of adhering material between penetrations. 9.2.6 ReportThe report shall include the following: The method that was used, Method A or B. Time of initial setting and final setting in h and min.


    grout; preplaced-aggregate concrete; time of setting; Grouts (preplaced-aggregate (PA) concrete); Preplaced-aggregate (PA) concrete; Setting time; Vicat needle;
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