ASTM WK46119

    Revision of E1353 - 08ae1 Standard Test Methods for Cigarette Ignition Resistance of Components of Upholstered Furniture

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    Active Standard: E1353 - 16

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    1. Rationale

    Four part revision to standard including changes to: 1.) the ignition source which was a commercially available cigarette; 2.) Long-standing industry practice has demonstrated that for a particular density and firmness, propensity for smoldering ignition is largely determined by air flow (more open foam is more easily ignited) and filler content. Section 6.7 has been modified to account for these characteristics. 3. CPSC work has shown that the draft free enclosure did not affect test results for test combinations with non-smolder prone materials because those materials do not smolder significantly with or without the enclosure. When mockups made with cotton velvet fabric and untreated foam were tested using the enclosure, the average foam mass losses were 8.04% with a standard deviation of 1.99%. When these same mockups were tested without the enclosure, their average foam mass losses increased to about 13%. The draft free enclosure could allow poor performing material combinations that smolder with greater intensity to perform better (less mass loss) than they would without the enclosure 4.)Sections 9 thru 21 have been modified to allow reporting of mass loss.


    cigarette; component; furniture; ignition; resistance; upholstered; Cigarettes; Furniture; Ignition--rubber/cellular materials; Upholstery fabrics/materials/applications;
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