ASTM WK46072

    New Test Method for Fastener End of Life Test (FELT)

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This test method prescribes the conditions required for the performance evaluation of a nut threaded onto a fastener, in a salt spray (fog) chamber, a modified corrosion test chamber or any corrosive environment, by loosening the nut without resorting to unconventional tightening and untightening tools such as: nut splitters, grinders, torches, metal disintegration electrodes, etc. NOTE 1 When a fastener and a nut lock together because of corrosion, commonly know as rusted, frozen, stuck, locked, etc. the removal process is to use lubricants to release the nut. If this is not archived, the nut has to be removed or cut, using a grinder, a torch or a nut splitter. 1.2 The life of a fastener or threaded part ends when its ability to assemble and dismantle with a wrench or torque equipment is not possible. 1.3 This method allows to evaluate any corrosion protection applied to extend the life of a fastener or threaded part. It also allows to evaluate the different lubricating oils that unlock rusted fasteners. 1.4 This method requires the use of a specific testing device; this device allows keeping the nut under evaluation fastened to the torque given by conventional tightening tools. 1.5 This method involves a laboratory test for evaluating the resistance of materials using a salt spray (fog) chamber, a modified corrosion test chamber or any corrosive environment. 1.6 The stud-nut assembly may be composed of any metallic material with or without a corrosion protective coating. 1.7 This method can be used for evaluating fasteners of any size, diameter, thread count and length. 1.8 This practice is not intended to describe corrosion mechanisms of the material under evaluation; this practice evaluates the fastener end of life based on the length of exposure to a corrosive environment.


    12.1 fasteners; bolts; nuts; life of fasteners; disassemble; tightened; anti freeze; nut splitter; freeze nut; locked nuts; corrosion protective coating; torque; Salt Spray (Fog) Chamber; grinders; metal disintegration electrodes; metal desintegration


    The standard is needed to evaluate metal coatings applied on threaded products to determine the life of the part being protected by the coating. It measures the performance of the coating applied to the threads.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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