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    Revision of D7240 - 06(2011) Standard Practice for Leak Location using Geomembranes with an Insulating Layer in Intimate Contact with a Conductive Layer via Electrical Capacitance Technique (Conductive Geomembrane Spark Test)

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    Active Standard: D7240 - 06(2011)

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    1. Rationale

    At the January 2014 ASTM meeting, it was agreed upon to keep the exposed geomembrane methods separate, but insert a clause into each, which would allow flexibility in method selection (See 5.1.3). That clause was taken out during the 2014 ballot, and then it was agreed to put the clause back in at the December 2014 meeting. It was also agreed at the December 2014 meeting that there should be more specificity in the how recently developed alternative installation guidelines for conductive-backed geomembrane affect this testing procedure (now detailed in 5.1.4). The terms electrical leak location and conductive-backed geomembrane are now used in the title, since these terminologies were adopted by the other ELL standards. Additionally, a negative was generated during the last ballot to emphasize that the spark testing standard should not pertain only to geomembranes installed using the recently developed installation guidelines; that the new installation methods should be an additional option, not a replacement for the old methods. The intention of this revision of the standard is to support both types of installations.


    geomembrane; leak detection; leak location; electrical leak location method; construction quality assurance; Electrical capacitance technique; Conductive geomembrane spark test; Geomembranes; Leak testing;
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