ASTM WK43717

    Revision of D6878 / D6878M - 11a Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Polyolefin Based Sheet Roofing

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    Active Standard: D6878 / D6878M - 17

    Developed by Subcommittee: D08.18 | Committee D08 | Contact Staff Manager



    flexible sheet; roofing; roofing material; single-ply roofing membrane; thermoplastic polyolefin; TPO; Flexible sheets; Polyolefin (PO)--specifications; Roofing membranes--specifications; Single-ply roof membrane; Thermoplastic roofing/waterproofing materials--specifications;


    Rationale Ballot Item #1: To remove the tearing strength test from the post-heat aging requirements in ASTM D6878 for TPO. This will align the TPO standard to both the EPDM (ASTM D4637) and PVC (ASTM D4434) standards. Rationale Ballot Item #2: To modify the size of the breaking strength and elongation samples in the TPO ASTM D6878 for the grab method ASTM D751. Testing has been completed to demonstrate that the 2 by 6 breaking strength and elongation tests for the TPO market can be completed with acceptable standard deviation and demonstrate the desired performance requirement of D6878. Results are similar to testing using the current size sample (4 by 8). This ballot will bring the TPO ASTM D6878 in line with the PVC ASTM D4434 round robin test program that demonstrated similar results.

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