ASTM WK43260

    Revision of E517 - 00(2010) Standard Test Method for Plastic Strain Ratio r for Sheet Metal

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    Active Standard: E517 - 00(2010)

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    1. Rationale

    A note (or other information) needs to be added to E517 that the r-value of magnesium alloys and high strength aluminum alloys are sensitive to the gage length used for its determination. This Work Item will add a statement or brief discussion to this effect to E517. Some discussion as to what to do about this may also be presented.


    drawability; earing tendency; plastic strain ratio; r ; r value; Ductility--metals/alloys; Metals and metallic materials; Plastic strains; Sheet metal; Steel sheet;
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    Jidong Kang


    E28.02 (17-02)

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