ASTM WK43256

    Revision of E1573 - 09 Standard Test Method for Evaluating Masking Sound in Open Offices Using A-Weighted and One-Third Octave Band Sound Pressure Levels

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    Active Standard: E1573 - 09

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    1. Rationale

    It is generally agreed that masking sound must be applied with precision and consistency in order to be predictably effective and comfortable. The ability to do so has increased significantly in recent years as sound masking technology has evolved. The existing standard is too lenient with respect to measurement requirements and needs to be revised to ensure that the current expectations of system specifiers are being met. Furthermore, with the understanding that masking is used throughout office environments, the inclusion of some guidelines for closed offices should be considered.


    A-weighted; masking sound; one-third octave band; one-third octave band sound pressure levels; open offices; A-weighted sound level; Masking sound measurement; One-third octave band sound pressure levels; Open-plan spaces; Performance--acoustical systems; Sound transmission--office environments; Spatial uniformity; Spectrum shape/level; Speech privacy; Temporal characteristics;
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    E33 (17-03)

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