ASTM WK43218

    New Test Methods for Evaluating the Performance of Medium-range, Spherical Coordinate 3-D Imaging Systems for Point-to-Point Distance Measurements

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    1. Scope

    This standard prescribes methods for the performance evaluation of laser-based, scanning, time-of-flight, single-detector 3D imaging systems in the medium range and provides a basis for performance comparisons among such systems. In particular, this standard establishes requirements and methods for evaluating the derived point-to-point distance measurement error throughout the scanning volume of these systems. A derived point (such as the center of a sphere) is a point resulting from a computation involving multiple measured points (such as the scan of a sphere). The term medium range refers to systems that are capable of operating within at least a portion of ranges from 2 m to 150 m. The term time-of-flight systems includes phase-based, pulsed, and chirped systems. The word standard in this document refers to a documentary standard as per ASTM E284-03a. This standard only applies to 3D imaging systems that are capable of producing a point cloud representation of a measured target.

    Currently , there are no existing standards for evaluating the volumetric performance of medium range 3D imaging systems (or laser scanners). This standard may be used by instrument manufacturers to specify instrument performance. Users may use this standard to compare different instruments, to verify instrument performance against manufacturers specifications, and to evaluate the performance of an instrument for specific applications or conditions.


    volumetric performance; laser scanner; laser scanning; time-of-flight; medium range; 3D imaging system; point cloud; phase-based; pulsed; chirped; point-to-point distance

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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