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    New Practice for Standard Practice for Field Evaluation of On-Site Biological Assessment

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    1. Scope

    The Standard Practice for Field Evaluation of On-Site Biological Assessment provides guidance how to support training as well as to enable routine evaluation of on-site biological assessment technology function when incorporated into a workflow process called confidence checking, without the risks of safety or contamination. This practice outlines how to choose a suitable surrogate material for this purpose, as well as how to utilize a material to routinely assess technology and operator performance. Potential users of this practice include the initial responder organization, including, but not limited to the hazardous materials response unit, the National Guard Civil Support Team (CST), Laboratory Response Network (LRN) reference laboratories, local law enforcement, and the FBI or other agencies. The benefits of the practice include the ability to determine whether a technology is working, and assess user competency of the associated workflow. Using a surrogate material to accomplish this challenges the technology in way similar to a real work threat agent while minimizing the risk of downstream contamination during a real-life threat response, and eliminates the safety risks associated to working with a biothreat agent.

    Currently, there are no safe and adequately defined surrogate materials available to the responder community to train and assess the detection capabilities of their equipment when the respond to suspicious powders that may have a biothreat agent. This practice addresses that need.


    Field Evaluation:Biological Assessment:Emergency Responders :Assess technology:Surrogate Material

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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