ASTM WK41630

    New Practice for Professional Certification Performance Testing and Assessment

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    1. Scope

    These standards of practice for performance testing/assessment provide guidance to performance test sponsors, developers and delivery providers for the planning, design, development, administration, and reporting of high-quality performance tests and assessments and to stakeholders from the user and/or consumer communities for determining the quality of performance tests and assessments. These standards of practice include requirements, processes, and intended outcomes for the entities issuing the performance test, developing and evaluating the test, delivering the test, users and test takers interpreting the test and for the specific quality characteristics of performance tests/assessments. These standards of practice provide the foundation for the recognition or accreditation (or both) of a specific entity to issue and effectively use a quality performance test/assessment. Accreditation agencies are presently evaluating performance tests/assessments with criteria that were developed primarily or exclusively for multiple-choice exams. The criteria by which performance tests/assessments should be evaluated and accredited are ones appropriate to performance testing/assessment. As test accreditation becomes more critical for acceptance by federal and state governments, insurance companies, and international trade, it becomes more critical that appropriate standards of quality and application be developed for performance testing/assessment


    assessment, evaluate, performance test

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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