ASTM WK40776

    New Guide for Guideline for Third Party Training Entities for Amusement Industry Ride Operators, Ride Maintenance Technicians, and Ride Inspectors

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    1. Scope

    Requirements. The purpose of this Guide is to provide general practices for third party training entities that administer educational programs for a fee relative to the maintenance, operation, and inspection of amusement rides and devices. This document applies only to formal educational programs and is not intended to apply to informal training.

    At this time there does not exist a standard to help assure quality training by third party entities in the Amusement Industry. As the Amusment Industry grows in both capacity and technology much of the safety relies on the training of technicians and operators. This standard well help establish guide lines so that all parties will can expect third party training can have some accountability, just as ride manufactures and operators have.


    training, certification , Instructors

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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