ASTM WK40615

    New Guide for Comparing Performance of Concrete Materials Using Mortar Mixtures

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    1. Scope

    This guide provides information on how to compare the relative performance and potential incompatibility of combinations of concrete-making materials. Performance tests on fresh and early-age properties of mortar mixtures can be useful indicators of properties of concrete using similar materials. The performance tests described in this guide include mortar-slump, mortar spread, mortar-workability retention, time of setting, air entrainment and hydration kinetics. 1.2 UnitsThe values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with this practice. Some values only have SI units because the inch-pound equivalents are not used in practice.


    mortar mixture; penetration resistance; cementitious material-admixture interactions; mortar-slump; time of set; air content; and hydration kinetics


    This guide is based on procedures originally developed by Grace Construction Products for use in the laboratory to predict the effects of chemical admixtures and different cements on concrete properties using mortar mixtures. It is similar to procedures developed and found to be useful by other materials suppliers and could also be used by quality control personnel and others.

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