ASTM WK38994

    Revision of F2007 - 12 Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, and Operation of Concession Go-Karts and Facilities

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    Active Standard: F2007 - 12

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    1. Rationale

    New item to add as 5.9.1 At our last meeting in New Orleans, the subcommittee reviewed the comments from the last ballot submission. The rationale has not changed but we have rewrote the item to reflect concerns and comments from last submission. Rationale: The existing standard does not address how manufactures handle unrestrained hair, loose clothing or personal property. Section 5.9 talks about protective covers and how they are designed to inhibit driver or passenger from inadvertent contact these components but it has no mention about hair, clothing or personal property. For Ballot. 5.9.1 - Concession go-karts shall have protective covers for moving components of the engine, drive and brake system to inhibit hair, loose clothing or other entanglement hazards from inadvertent contact with these components while driver and passenger are seated in the intended position for operation while properly restrained. New item to add as 7.8.1 Rationale: The current standard does not address how a facility operation handles unrestrained hair, loose clothing or other hazards. 7.8.1 - Concession go-kart track attendants shall verify that loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length or other entanglement hazards are secured. For Ballot. 7.8.1 Concession go-kart track operators and attendants shall verify loose clothing items, hair longer than shoulder length and other observable entanglement hazards are secured.


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