ASTM WK38804

    New Specification for Performance of Fitness and Wellness Surfaces in Elder Care Facilities

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    1. Scope

    A new standard is needed to define the properties of fitness and wellness surfaces in elder care facilities. Test methods and results should be defined for acceptable materials and their performance for attenuating impact shock, providing stability, and allowing mobility (including surface friction properties).


    senior living


    The population of seniors continues to grow with the baby boomer generation entering retirement; just as we have defined playing surfaces for playgrounds, field sports and indoor courts for generally active and more youthful individuals, it now becomes necessary to define wellness and fitness surfaces for the senior-phase of life. Many seniors do not engage in the typical sports, yet they are active and engage in various exercise/fitness activities, including quiet living in a state of wellness. There is a growing propensity for seniors to fall as they age regardless of activity, therefore defining surfaces that will support and protect them as they age will help all seniors live healthier and longer. Defining surfacing standards for fitness and wellness surfaces in elder care settings, will enable architects, designers, facility operators and government agencies to provide facilities that better meet the needs of an aging population.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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