ASTM WK28455

    New Guide for Assessment of Continued Applicability of Reaction to Fire Test Reports

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This guide contains concepts that provide guidance for assessing the continued applicability of reaction to fire test reports. 1.2 This guide does not address fire resistance test reports. 1.3 This guide provides guidance for users to identify conditions that may cause a fire test report that was valid when prepared to no longer be an appropriate tool upon which decisions about the materials or products can be based. 1.4 Application of this guide will be facilitated if fire test standards include explicit documentation of the significance of historical changes. 1.5 The determination of the validity of any test report is outside the scope of this guide. 1.6 Fire test reports may, in some cases, cease being applicable to the material or product currently being offered for use, for example, in one of the following situations: 1.6.1 A fire test report may no longer be applicable if there have been technical changes in the fire test protocol and 1.6.2 A fire test report may no longer be applicable if there have been changes in the material or product being offered for use. 1.7 Some concepts contained in this guide may be a function of the type of fire test conducted and the type of material or product assessed. 1.8 This guide cannot be used to provide quantitative measures. 1.9 This guide is not intended to apply to test reports on materials or products listed or labeled by an accredited certification agency because these agencies have their own criteria to assess the applicability of test reports.

    Fire test reports are often used long after the material, product, or assembly has been changed or the test method has been changed or both. Guidance is needed as to when these test reports continue to be applicable.


    fire test; fire test laboratory; fire test report

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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