ASTM WK28019

    New Practice for Selecting sUAS Launch and Recovery

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    1. Scope

    The integration of the existing and future sUAV systems into civil airspace promote the need to develop a set of practices for the selection of suitable take-off and landing sites of sUAVs. The practice for the selection of sUAV take-off and landing sites are developed for sUAVs with similar operational requirements and are based on air vehicle design, operational performance, and flight controls. The sUAV groups defined by the FAA includes sUAVs capable of various methods for take-off and landing. This practice reflects consideration for spatial tolerances required for safe operations during sUAV Take-off and landing at a selected geographic location. Other factors considered in the development of this practice for sUAV take-off and landing sites include: airspace coordination, frequency management, alternate/emergency landing sites, and procedure for mishap and HAZMAT incidents. These standard practices provide support for the safe operation and integration of sUAVs into civil airspace. Information considered directive in nature is described in this practice by the use of shall and must indicating the actions are mandatory. Guidance information is described in terms such as should and may indicating the actions are desirable or permissive but not mandatory. The FAA has indicated a need to have such a standard in existence to support their efforts to establish an sUAS SFAR.


    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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