ASTM WK26558

    New Specification for Calculation Method for custom designed, site built Masonry Heaters. One off Kachelogrundofen/Putzgrundofen (tiled/mortared stoves)

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    1. Scope

    1. Scope This standard contains specifications for the dimensioning of Kachelgrundfen/ Putzgrundfen (tiled/mortared stoves). The Kachelgrundfen/Putzgrundfen (one off tiled/ mortared stoves) are constructed technically individual. The standard can be used for log wood fired Kachelfen (tile stoves) that burn one fuel load per storage period with a maximum load between 10 and 40 kg and a storage period (nominal heating time) between 8 and 24 hours. This standard is valid for Kachelgrundfen/Putzgrundfen (tiled/mortared stoves) equipped with fireclay as interior material, with an apparent density between 1.750 and 2.200 kg/m, a degree of porosity 18 up to 33 percent by volume and a heat conductivity from 0,65 up to 0,90 W/mK (temperature range 20 400 C). This standard is valid for Kachelgrundfen/Putzgrundfen (tiled/mortared stoves) with sidewise combustion air supply of the combustion chamber. This standard is not valid for combinations with water heat exchangers for central heating or other heat absorbing elements like glass plates greater than 1/6 of the combustion chamber surface, open water tanks etc. It is also not valid for combinations with heating/fireplace elements according to EN 13229. Furthermore this standard is not valid for mass-produced prefabricated or partly prefabricated slow heat release appliances according to EN 15250. This calculation method can be used to proof requirements of emissions and energy efficiency in case of burning log wood or wood briquettes according to the manual of the producer.


    Masonry heater


    It would be used for the design of site built masonry heaters. For use in R&D and by regulatory agencies for approval for emissions, efficiency and other requirements.

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