ASTM WK24855

    New Classification for Classification for product reclamation, including product takeback.

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    1. Scope

    This standard establishes a classification of reclamation programs provided by the producer for a product or a product-service system. This standard serves as a consistent reference for analysis, evaluation and declaration of t a producers reclamation program. This standard is not applicable to packaging, municipal reclamation programs or to similar waste management programs.


    buy back; closed-loop life cycle; end-of-life; life cycle; reclamation; recycle; sustainability; take back; waste management


    This classification supports one aspect of Extended Producer Responsibility: product reclamation. It encourages a closed-loop life cycle approach to product design methodologies and management. End-of-use is a pivotal point in the life-cycle of a product from a production-consumption management perspective. Reclamation services may be offered separately or in combination as a product.

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