ASTM WK24433

    Reinstatement of A851 - 96 Standard Specification for High-Frequency Induction Welded, Unannealed, Austenitic Steel Condenser Tubes (Withdrawn 2002)

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    ASTM standard A 851 was developed back in the mid 1980s; it was dropped in the late 1990s due to the lack of maintenance. Olin Brass Fineweld Tube is considering producing high frequency welded stainless steel tubing and would like to have ASTM A 851 reinstated (with revisions) as an active standard. Ken Horn and I have recently joined the A01.10 subcommittee to insure that once this standard is re-instated, it will be maintained. Mike Brimer Olin Brass Fineweld Tube


    Austenitic stainless steel tube; Condenser and heat exchanger systems; Welded steel tube; tubes; emaustenitic steel, high-frequency induction-welded (for steam; surface condenser tubes);
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