ASTM WK21396

    Revision of F2215 - 05e2 Standard Specification for Balls, Bearings, Ferrous and Nonferrous for Use in Bearings, Valves, and Bearing Applications

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    Active Standard: F2215 - 15

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    ball bearing; ball valve; bearing; bearing accessories; bearing rolling elements;


    Rationale: AMS 6440, 6444 cover UNS G52986 (SAE 52100). They do not cover UNS G51986 (SAE 51100). Delete UNS G51986 per A5.1.1 rationale below. and to be consistent with the call out in Paragraph 6.13. Rationale: AMS 6440 and 6444 covers steel similar to UNS G52986. UNS G51986 is equivalent to SAE 51100 steel and was covered by AMS 6449 in the now cancelled MIL-B-1083. AMS 6449 was canceled without replacement. The existing verbiage also calls out ANS G52986, which is a typographic error occurring when the now cancelled MS19059 was converted to the A5 Annex. Changing this paragraph will bring the requirement in sync with composition 1 material stated in paragraph 6.1 in the main body of the document.

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