ASTM WK21327

    New Practice for the Attachment of Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Arrays on Steep- Slope Roofs

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This practice details minimum requirements for the installation of roof mounted building applied (not building integrated or adhesively attached) photovoltaic (PV) arrays on steep sloped roofs in residential or commercial buildings, inclusive of all with water shedding roofing coveringssurfaces. These requirements include proper water-shedding integration with the existing roof system, material properties, water sealing flashing of roof penetrations, and sufficient anchoring per regional pressure design load requirements. 1.2 This practice does not cover the electrical aspects of installation. 1.3 Installation considerations are divided into two distinct aspects: the interface between the photovoltaic module and the Array Mounting Structure and the interface between the array mounting structure and the roof or roof structure. 1.4 Safety and hazard considerations unique to this application, such as worker fall protection, electrical exposure, accessibility of modules, and roof clearance around the perimeter of the array are also addressed by other standards. 1.5 This practice is intended to provide recommended installation practices for use with by installers, roofers, specifiers, inspectors, or for specification by photovoltaic module manufacturers. 1.6 This practice provides minimum guidelines and should be used in conjunction with module and mounting system manufacturers instructions. This practice is not intended to replace or supersede any other applicable local codes or standards or LDP instructions for a given installation.


    photovoltaic, steep slope roofing, racking system, array mounting system,:installation, structural loading, roof penetration flashing
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