ASTM WK20474

    Revision of D6222 - 02e2 Standard Specification for Atactic Polypropylene (APP) Modified Bituminous Sheet Materials Using Polyester Reinforcements

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    1. Rationale

    The balloted revision will bring the APP Standards into parity with the existing SBS standards. The SBS products covered in D6164 often use the same reinforcement as the APP products covered in D6222. The balloted change will clarify questions concerning the type of reinforcement used in D6222 products and differentiate those products from D6223 products just as the SBS standards currently do.


    atactic polypropylene (APP); modified bituminous sheet; polyolefin film; polyester reinforcement; Atactic polypropylene (APP); Bituminous roofing materials--specifications; Modified bituminous roofing/waterproofing materials; Multiple ply roofing membranes--specifications; Polyester plastics--specifications; Polyester reinforcements; Polyolefin (PO)--specifications; Polypropylene (PP) roofing materials/applications--specifications; Roofing materials/applications--specifications; Waterproofing materials/applications;
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    D08 (08-04)

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