ASTM WK14650

    New Test Methods for Forced Entry and Ballistics Resistant (FEBR) Exterior Doors, Windows and Other Opening Protectives

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    1. Scope

    These test methods cover Forced Entry and Ballistics Resistant (FEBR) doors, windows and other openng protectives of various materials and types of construction. These test methods address assemblies and systems that are intended for use in the exterior openings in buildings where protection against forced entry and firearms attacks is of high priority.


    Building Exterior Security; Building Envelope: Physical Security; Physical Attack; Bullet Resistance; Security Doors; Security Windows; Security Glass; Security Hardware; Security Glazing; Fire Resistance


    This standard will provide detailed test methods that approximate the levels of attack, to which opening protectives may become subjected while in service, along with guidance on matching these test methods to specific applications. The desired result of its use is to provide assurance of protection for building personnel and the public in the event of such an attack. This standard will enable architects and owners to specify building envelope elements based upon the level of security required for each opening.

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