ASTM D3921 - 96(2003)e1

    Withdrawn Standard: Cтандартный метод определения содержания масел, жиров и нефтяных углеводородов в воде

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    Translated Standard(s): English

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    2. Ссылочные документы

    D1129 Terminology Relating to Water

    D1193 Specification for Reagent Water

    D2777 Practice for Determination of Precision and Bias of Applicable Test Methods of Committee D19 on Water

    D3325 Practice for Preservation of Waterborne Oil Samples

    D3370 Practices for Sampling Water from Closed Conduits

    D3856 Guide for Management Systems in Laboratories Engaged in Analysis of Water

    D5847 Practice for Writing Quality Control Specifications for Standard Test Methods for Water Analysis

    E168 Practices for General Techniques of Infrared Quantitative Analysis

    Ключевые слова

    масло и жир; нефтяные углеводороды