ASTM D4899 - 99(2016) Standard Practice for Analysis of Vegetable Tanning Materials—General

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    D4900 Test Method for Lignosulfonates (Sulfite Cellulose) in Tanning Extracts

    D4901 Practice for Preparation of Solution of Liquid Vegetable Tannin Extracts

    D4902 Test Method for Evaporation and Drying of Analytical Solutions

    D4903 Test Method for Total Solids and Water in Vegetable Tanning Material Extracts

    D4904 Practice for Cooling of Analytical Solutions

    D4905 Practice for Preparation of Solution of Solid, Pasty and Powdered Vegetable Tannin Extracts

    D6401 Test Method for Determining Non-Tannins and Tannin in Extracts of Vegetable Tanning Materials

    D6402 Test Method for Determining Soluble Solids and Insolubles in Extracts of Vegetable Tanning Materials

    D6403 Test Method for Determining Moisture in Raw and Spent Materials

    D6404 Practice for Sampling Vegetable Materials Containing Tannin

    D6405 Practice for Extraction of Tannins from Raw and Spent Materials

    D6406 Test Method for Analysis of Sugar in Vegetable Tanning Materials

    D6407 Test Method for Analysis of Iron and Copper in Vegetable Tanning Materials

    D6408 Test Method for Analysis of Tannery Liquors

    D6409 Practice for Color Tests with Sheepskin Skiver

    D6410 Test Method for Determining Acidity of Vegetable Tanning Liquors