Research Report RR:G02-1012

    This interlaboratory testing project was designed to determine the typical variability to be expected in scratch width measurements on two materials of varying resistance to scratching; namely, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and cartridge brass (70 wt% Cu-30 wt% Zn). This study aimed to establish a repeatability statement for G171. The standard involves producing a series of three linear scratches at constant normal force and speed with a diamond stylus, and then using optical measurement of the width of the scratches to calculate a scratch hardness number (HS).

    Published: January 2012

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    Related Standards

    G171-03(2017) Standard Test Method for Scratch Hardness of Materials Using a Diamond Stylus

    Committee G02 on Wear and Erosion

    Subcommittee G02.30 on Abrasive Wear