Research Report RR:E28-1013

    Subcommittee E24.08 on Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics, responsible for the development of E1290, conducted an interlaboratory test program to study the among-laboratory variability, sources of such variability, and the correlation between SE (B) and C (T) specimens, on the estimation of specific values of CTOD. CTOD fracture toughness was estimated at: (1) initiation of stable crack extension, (2) initiation of unstable crack extension, or (3) maximum load. Eleven participants tested SE (B) and C (T) specimens fabricated from two structural grades of steel. 1-inch-thick (25mm) samples from the ¼ thickness of an 8-in thick (204mm) slab of A533 Grade B and full-thickness samples of a 3/4 – in (19mm) plate of A572 Grade 55 were distributed to the participants.

    Published: March 1988

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