Research Report RR:D02-1744

    At the December 2010 meeting of D02.07.D task group (TG 32) was formed toestablish the precision of the 3°C results from D7346 Test method for No FlowPoint of Petroleum Products and the relative bias these results might havecompared to D97 Test Method for Pour Point of Petroleum Products. D7346determines the No Flow Point with a resolution of 0.1C and can round thattemperature to the next warmer 3°C interval. Other Pour Point test methodssimilarly determine first the No Flow Point, then report the temperature found 3°Cwarmer.An interlaboratory test program was designed and presented to D02.07.D whicheventually consisted of 12 laboratories participating using D7346, and 12laboratories participating using D97. As in most ILS, not all of the participatinglaboratories returned data resulting in a final total of 11 laboratories for D7346and 10 laboratories for D97. The samples that were included consisted of; 6fuels, 5 base oils (mineral and synthetic), and 9 finished lubricants (mineral andsynthetic) covering the expected Pour Point range of +15 to - 60°C. The sampleswere obtained from 7 different suppliers. The samples were shipped as blindduplicates and coded such that the duplicate sample was unknown.

    Published: August 2013

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