Research Report RR:C09-1001

    The purpose of this report is to report estimates of single-operator (i.e. within laboratory) precision and multilaboratory (i.e. between laboratory) precision, as defined in paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3 of ASTM C 802- 87, for the proposed pozzolanic-activity-with-cement test that has been under development in ASTM C09.03.10. Data were derived from the results of two interlaboratory studies. These studies are the last two in a series of five and were conducted with the method in its currently proposed form. The first three studies were developmental, consequently do not represent the currently proposed form and were not useful for precision estimates. Part 4 of the interlaboratory study was completed in 1987; Part 5 was completed in 1988. The data were analyzed according to ASTM C 802-87. The precision statement was prepared according to ASTM C 670-87. Part 4 of the interlaboratory study included three fly ashes: a Class C fly ash, a Class F fly ash, and an unclassified Class F fly ash. The latter material was known, from other experience, to perform poorly and was included to verify that the proposed method would be sensitive to such a material. Twelve laboratories participated in this study. Part 5 of the interlaboratory study included one Class C fly ash and one Class N pozzolan. Eight laboratories participated. Test ages were 7 and 28 days in both studies.

    Published: February 1989

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