ASTM D2260-03(2013)

    Standard Tables of Conversion Factors and Equivalent Yarn Numbers Measured in Various Numbering Systems

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    1. Scope

    1.1 These tables include (1) a series of conversion factors required to convert the number of a yarn measured in a specific system to the equivalent number measured in various other systems (see Table 1), and (2) specific equivalent numbers for yarns measured in various systems (see Table 2).

    TABLE 1 Conversion Factors for Converting from One Yarn Numbering System to AnotherA

    System for Which Yarn Number is

    System for Which Yarn Number is Known



    Grain Count



    Woolen Run


    Linen Lea
    Woolen Cut


    TexB (g/1000 m)

    tex = 


    Equation D2260-03R13_1

    0.590 541
    × gr

    Equation D2260-03R13_2

    Equation D2260-03R13_3

    Equation D2260-03R13_4

    Equation D2260-03R13_5

    Equation D2260-03R13_6

    Equation D2260-03R13_7

    Denier (g/9000 m)

    den = 

    9 × tex


    5.314 87
    × gr

    Equation D2260-03R13_8

    Equation D2260-03R13_9

    Equation D2260-03R13_10

    Equation D2260-03R13_11

    Equation D2260-03R13_12

    Equation D2260-03R13_13

    American Grain Count (grains/120 yd)

    gr = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_14

    Equation D2260-03R13_15


    Equation D2260-03R13_16

    Equation D2260-03R13_17

    Equation D2260-03R13_18

    Equation D2260-03R13_19

    Equation D2260-03R13_20

    Equation D2260-03R13_21

    Cotton count (840 yd lengths/lb)

    cc = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_22

    Equation D2260-03R13_23

    Equation D2260-03R13_24


    Equation D2260-03R13_25

    Equation D2260-03R13_26

    0.590 541
    × mc

    Equation D2260-03R13_27

    Equation D2260-03R13_28

    Worsted count (560 yd lengths/lb)

    wc = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_29

    Equation D2260-03R13_30

    Equation D2260-03R13_31

    1.5 × cc


    Equation D2260-03R13_32

    0.885 812

    Equation D2260-03R13_33

    Equation D2260-03R13_34

    Woolen run (1600 yd lengths/lb)

    wr = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_35

    Equation D2260-03R13_36

    Equation D2260-03R13_37

    0.525 × cc

    0.35 × wc


    0.310 034
    × mc

    0.187 5

    Equation D2260-03R13_38

    Metric count (1000 m/kg)

    mc = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_39

    Equation D2260-03R13_40

    Equation D2260-03R13_41

    Equation D2260-03R13_42

    Equation D2260-03R13_43

    Equation D2260-03R13_44


    Equation D2260-03R13_45

    Equation D2260-03R13_46

    Linen lea (300 yd lengths/lb)

    lea = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_47

    Equation D2260-03R13_48

    Equation D2260-03R13_49

    2.8 × cc

    1.866 67
    × wc

    0.187 5
    × wr

    1.653 52
    × mc


    Equation D2260-03R13_50

    Yards per pound (yd/lb)

    y = 

    Equation D2260-03R13_51

    Equation D2260-03R13_52

    Equation D2260-03R13_53

    840 × cc

    560 × wc

    1600 × wr

    × mc

    300 × lea


    A The conversion factors are based on the following relationships given in Metric Practice SI 10SI10: 1 yard = 0.9144 m, exactly, and 1 lb (avoirdupois) = 0.453 592 37 kg, exactly. The conversion factors in Table 1 containing fewer than six significant digits are exact values.
    B Multiples and submultiples of this basic unit may be used as a convenience to avoid large numbers or decimal fractions. For example, decitex (dtex) or tex × 10 is suitable for fine yarns and fibers; millitex (mtex) or tex × 1000 is suitable for fibers; while kilotex (ktex) or tex/1000 is often used for ropes, cords, rovings, tops, and slivers.

    Examples of Table 1 use:

    1) The English worsted count equivalent to a cotton count of 10 is 1.5 times 10, or 15 English worsted count.

    2) The cotton count equivalent to 30 tex is 590.54 divided by 30, or 19.7 cotton count.

    1.2 The content is basically consistent with recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 2947.

    1.3 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard.

    1.4 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

    2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately) The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

    NIST Standard

    NIST Circular M121, January 1936 Available from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 100 Bureau Dr., Stop 1070, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1070,

    ASTM Standards

    D123 Terminology Relating to Textiles

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    SI10 Standard for Use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modern Metric System Excerpts from , Standard for Use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modern Metric System can be found in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vols 07.01 and 07.02. The standard is available as a separate publication and appears in its entirety in Vol 14.02.

    ICS Code

    ICS Number Code 59.080.20 (Yarns)

    UNSPSC Code

    UNSPSC Code 11151700(Yarns)

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    DOI: 10.1520/D2260-03R13

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    ASTM D2260-03(2013), Standard Tables of Conversion Factors and Equivalent Yarn Numbers Measured in Various Numbering Systems, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2013,

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